From safe cycling to sustainability

“Safecy”, an Erasmus+ co-funded project, is on its steady way to develop a common European approach to safety education for young cyclists.

For more than a year, a consortium of seven partner organisations from Spain, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Norway, Austria, and Denmark have been working to develop a common European standard for teaching children to ride their bikes safely.

Developing cycling is central for a sustainable development of the urban areas in Europe. It is simply the only solution to the infrastructural challenges of the European urban areas that doesn’t compromise with our environmental visions for Europe.”, says Luis Lucasa, the lead Project Coordinator from Aragon Federation of Cycling, Spain.  

According to Luis, cycling is not only a solution for infrastructure and urban environment, but also a way to mitigate some of the major public health challenges in Europe. “Everyday people are dying across Europe because of obesity related health issues. We have a responsibility for the new generation both in terms of ensuring their safe transport now, but also to support that they stay healthy when they come of age” says Luis who believes that this new project will reduce bike related accidents and safe life’s.

According to the European Safety Council, 19.450 cyclists were killed on European roads from 2010 to 2018. With this project, Luis hopes to get more cyclists on the road but reduce the number and the severity of accidents.

I am not suggesting that we can eliminate all accidents, but with a good training of children and youth, we can reduce the numbers and the severity of the accidents. We will develop innovative teaching methods that will communicate simple rules in the traffic in an entertaining and fun way that the children will remember, not only now but for all their lives” says Luis and hopes for the cooperation of many schools and youth clubs around Europe.

So far, the partners have met in several project meetings where they have discussed and aligned their visions for the project outputs. The results of the partners’ fruitful cooperation are starting to form. A Guide for teachers, trainers, and coaches to teach young Europeans about road safety and safe cycling is currently being finalised. In the next few months, the project partners will concentrate their efforts into developing an e-learning platform enabling educators to use the ACL methodology (Applied Creativity Lab) in their teaching about road safety and safe cycling.

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For further information, background or interviews, please contact: Ivan Ivanov, Project Manager

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