EU municipal

“EU municipal” is a network of 8 European cities, whose starting point is supranational integration as elements of European integration. Therefore, we need to highlight a shared European history that has brought many tragedies and great achievements, which we have built among all European citizenship. The objective of this project is to focus on young people who are members of cultural and sports associations in the municipalities to design activities that promote the exchange of traditions and customs within European culture. The idea is to launch one clear message, the fact that from rural and agricultural areas the message of euro scepticism can be fought and the Euro-municipal chain that coordinates all citizen actions. The main goal is to achieve a great regional impact and make the citizens aware of the importance of reconnecting with the values of Europeanism. The EU municipal project will have a great impact among young People, especially those who have a high social activism in their municipalities. Because they will be able to see how through local cooperation and coordination between municipalities, they can learn, know, design and implement actions that will become public policies for the environment they live in. In addition, they will be able to interact and live with young people from other countries where they will learn about different cultures. This will provoke new ways of understanding and living under the same political and economic project with European citizens.

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The project is Co-funded by the European Union.