Through sport is possible

General objective of the project “Through sport is possible” is to: include young marginalized people through supporting sports youth workers and sports associations in developing inclusive environments.

Specific objectives

– Promote good practices regarding governance, non-formal education and strategies proper to strengthen cooperation partnership between sports associations in order to create safe/inclusive sports places.

– Equipping trainers (volunteers/coaches/sports youth workers) of the necessary tools to improve their training sessions to include marginalized young people.

– Promote the critical role of sports associations to include vulnerable groups and marginalized young people in their activities, according to their possibility and potential in volunteering and developing programs.

Sports organisations can play a significant role to promote inclusion: improve methods, establish best practices and set innovative tools to allow access to young marginalizing people and make sure that a place full of opportunities is available to them, accompanying them towards new perspectives. Both youth workers and managers can do something special in this field. Youth Workers: they can improve the quality of the sporting experience for young people. Youth people are strongly influenced by coaches, particularly by their personality and ways of relating. Youth workers must be aware of the importance of their role in the young athlete’s life and the sports group dynamics. Sports manager: they have the cache to build inclusive places for all, they have to understand the importance of their role and their power. They can promote changes and best practices to include and to give to young marginalized people the opportunity offers by sports.

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The project is Co-funded by the European Union.