Fem EUMVP - Most valuable players

The main objective of “Fem EUMVP – Most valuable players” is to put all the values that sport transmits at these vice of female empowerment, to contribute to the leadership of Young European girls and transmit them the necessary impulse to be propel and soft their own lives.

The project is focused on redirecting the young sports girls’ successes and their strength towards an effective empowerment.

The Fem EUMVP Project aim is to achieve the following objectives:

-Transmit the values of equality, leadership and teamwork as hallmarks of female empowerment through sport

-Promote female inclusion in political, participatory and social life using sport as a common thread.

-Promote women’s empowerment from a physical point of view through minority team sports, such as handball.

-Disseminate in a more profound way the concept so gender equality, gender mainstreaming and gender violence;

-Raise awareness of existing gender issues, discriminate or practice and stereotypes;

-Promote diversity and European values and improve knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme and its opportunities.

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The project is Co-funded by the European Union.