Sport for Inclusion

The overall aim of the project “Sport for Inclusion” is to gather together young people from countries with migration groups and show them the possibilities of integration through sport. The YE will include transfer of innovative methodologies of non-formal education, creating an important educational path in between the participating countries, that can through sport improve the integration of immigrants, young people in post turbulent countries and people from different backgrounds of the local population in Europe – different minorities.

“Sport for Inclusion” is a Youth exchange (YE) that will deal with the importance of Sport as an integration and educational tool for promoting social inclusion, culture understanding, human rights and competitiveness between young people in local societies.

The objectives of the youth exchange are:

– To give opportunity to young people to exchange ideas and experience on the topic and give added value to their local communities in the integration processes after the exchange;

– To raise knowledge and gain new experiences on Sport and outdoor activities as tools of integration and education;

– To create a network of motivated young people, who can act as multipliers in their local communities and between their friends to promote European values of solidarity and integration;

– To raise empathy in the participants to people from minorities and with immigrant background;

– To develop the potential of young people, with accent of young people from minorities and immigrant background within education and employment.

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The project is Co-funded by the European Union.