The “Violence2theBench” project will involve young participants from 7 different European countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and the Netherlands. In the process of choosing a partner, priority was given to countries with different cultural and linguistic traditions, as well as their experience in the field of prevention of sexual violence, gender discrimination and promotion of women’s sports.

Despite all the efforts made by European countries, sexist violence continues to be a serious problem for our European society.

Thus, the main objectives of “Violence2theBench, preventing sexist violence through sports” are:
  1. Combat gender violence, discriminate or practice and stereotypes through sport.
  2. Give a deeper understanding of the concepts of gender equality and gender-based violence.
  3. Improvethesocialandciviccompetencesoftheparticipantsandfostertheircriticalthinkingskillsandsenseofinitiative
  4. Transmit the values of equality, leadership and teamwork a shall marks of female empowerment through sport.
  5. Promote female inclusion in political, participatory and social life using sport as a common thread.
  6. Promote diversity and European values and improve awareness of the Erasmus+ program and its opportunities.
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The project is Co-funded by the European Union.