The “Empowerment of women at risk of exclusion through coaching, Emotional Intelligence, physical activity and corporal expression” (EMPACT) is a 24-month Key Action 2 Adult Education project. The “EMPACT” projects address the gender gap and structural barriers persist in many areas. In fact, according to the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), no member state has yet achieved full gender equality and progress is expected to be slow. Member states scored an average of 67.4 out of 100 in the 2019 EU Gender Equality Index, a score that has improved by only 5.4 points since 2005.

The main “EMPACT” project goals are to improve the emotional and psychological health of women at risk of exclusion and belonging to disadvantaged groups, empowering them and increasing their self-esteem and self-concept through coaching, emotional intelligence, physical activity and corporal expression as a therapeutic and social integration element:

The “EMPACT” activities includes:
The project consists of 3 project results:

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The project is Co-funded by the European Union.