Improving Digital and Soft Skills for Socially Excluded Women

The “Improving Digital and Soft Skills for Socially Excluded Women” project’s main goal is to promote digital literacy in disadvantaged communities in Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Greece among other essential skills. Based on the DESI index, in 2022 only 48.4% of Cypriots possessed at least basic digital skills, ranking 20th out of the 27 EU member states. In an even lower ranking are Greece and Bulgaria, ranking 25th and 26th and with a lower percentage of digital skills 38.9% and 37.7% respectively. Overall, these countries are progressing extremely slowly regarding digital literacy, and it is more evident in rural areas. This project aims to promote the digital skills of underemployed WOMEN, especially ones living in rural areas, to boost the development of those areas in the long run. It is also evident that individuals and especially women in rural areas have much fewer opportunities for learning digital skills as compared to urban areas.


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The project is Co-funded by the European Union.